Handpan Workshops

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Have you been looking for a chance to try and play the handpan? Or do you already have a handpan yourself but you feel stuck in your playing and you are hungry for new inspiration? 

Since 2017 we have been giving many handpan workshops helping people like you find their way into the world of handpans and trying to add flow where people are stuck. We are looking forward to sharing our fascination about handpans with you and invite you to our next workshop. Check this website or subscribe for our newsletter.

Our Approach

We are not your teachers. We have learned to play the handpan literally on the streets. We didn’t know anything to begin with and just followed our heart and our intuition. To us it is really important that you can make a similar experience and discover your own style of playing through our guidance and inspiration instead of just copying what and how we play. How you play is just the way you should play because it reflects your personality and your heart! This is why we decided to work with a concept allowing individual support and also a strong group experience.

handpan workshop yatao 2019

What people say

A wonderful experience for all the senses.”

— Jürg, Schallbach

A perfect weekend with the right mix of learning, listening, inspiration and enjoyment. Malte & Alex were able to caringly respond to my needs as a beginner and to integrate me with ease into playing in the group. I was left with a lot of encouragement, liveliness and contact to very nice people.”

— Carmen, Heimenkirch

Lust for Life - Calmness - Creativity - Joy - Contact - Communication”

— Lisa, Hohentengen

Awesome atmosphere thanks to the matchless nature of Malte and Alex. A mix of course, freedom, jamming, fun and technics.”

— Tania, Stuttgart

An incredibly inspiring experience for all the senses.”

— Sascha, Fichtenberg