Learn with me and dive into my world! In this content rich course I have collected my biggest lessons that taught me how to play the handpan for the past decade! Together, we will dive into the beautiful world of harmony, explore ear-catching melodies, booty-shaking grooves and mind-dazzling polyrhythms. Wether you're just starting out on your handpan journey or you're already a more experienced player, looking for new inspiration - 
this is for YOU!


My name is Alexander Mercks.
Handpan and Music is my passion and I am here to share it with the world.
Share it with YOU!
I'm happy you found your way here!

In the following, I would like to give you a short overview of what I'm doing.

For more info about me, check out my homepage: https://www.alexander-mercks.com

I Teach

I am offering 1:1 lessons, weekend workshops and full week intense workshops.

I prepared different workshop topics so you can see what interests you most and dive deep into the hanpan world.

I Play

I'm playing my own concerts, solo and with other friend musicians. I'm musically supporting all kind of events from weddings to funerals. I'm playing at ecstatic dances and meditation sessions. 

If you would like me to play at your event - feel free to contact me!

Find my music here:

Contact me!