The first time I saw Yatao on YouTube I was immediately totally mesmerized. When I saw them live they just took me to heaven!”

Peter Kan, First Day of Spring, Amsterdam


Their music invited the guests of the museum into a different world. Yatao is our recommendation for every kind of event.”

Charlotte & Miriam, Übersee-Museum, Bremen


Alex and Malte wonderfully accompanied our wedding with the love of their music. Their sounds and vibrations made our marriage to something really exceptional.”

— Daniela and Dominik, Germany


Are you looking for a special music act that will enchant and mesmerize your guests and make your event even more outstanding?
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You are looking for the right and suitable music for your commercial campaign that touches the listeners on an emotional level? You want to promote your festival or your product? Or you are graduating with a creative project and need the right music for it?
Tell us about your project - commercial or non-commercial - and which song you would like to get a license for.
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