From 21st through 25th of April 2021, we invite you to come to a very special retreat. Combining the power of different forms of arts we want to enter the void to our creativity and to our emotions. From the body through our souls to our hands we will integrate and learn together.

What is Fluentbody:

Alex will join forces with super talented dancer, choreographer and body work practitioner Florencia Lamarca. With her we will learn to listen to our bodies through movement and discover the power of connecting the body and mind, breaking though our inner limitations.

Through this shift from mind to body, we can learn a new approach to pain and fear, challenge our fixed ideas and conclusions about ourselves, and stop getting stuck in repeating situations. This enables us to become more our own individual selves, and have all our intensity and energy but with a quiet mind.  

Florencia brings 20 years of dance experience, training and performing with Ohad Naharin of Gaga Movement, being a guest dancer for 12 years with Sasha Waltz & guests and she has added to this working as a somatic practitioner since 2011, she has been traveling the world teaching unique workshops, combining her extensive knowledge of movement, her choreographic research, and her somatic healing.


This workshop will be a beginner's handpan workshop held by Alex. Since we want to focus on our creativity, encounter with ourselves and our emotions, we want to approach the handpan as a tool to build a stronger understanding of our inner feelings. You don't have to bring along any experience in handpan or making music. The will to explore the handpan and its sound is already enough. Alex will guide you through understanding the handpan step by step with your heart and your mind so you will easily start to flow and emerge yourself in the music we create together. 

Alex brings along a long history of making and feeling music from childhood on, though he started quite late to fully emerge himself into creating music. It was when in 2014 the handpan came into his life and he started to give everything he had into this beautiful instrument. 

The Fusion

We believe that connecting handpan and fluent body/dance is the perfect combination for creating a field of holistic learning. Both approaches to your creativity are powerful in themselves. Combining them, we feel it will allow us to emerge ourselves even deeper into our feelings and emotions. If you feel like joining us on this journey, we are happy to accept your registration.


Having a cosy and hideaway space is of utmost importance for our retreat. We found a very nice and remote house in the middle of nowhere and nature between Hamburg and Berlin. You will find quietness and peace so you can focus on yourself and your creative experience in the group

In the tiny village Neu Darchau that seems to be forgotten by time - we will reside in the spacy seminar house 'Sophia', footsteps away from the Elbe River. You will encounter an ancient forest and birds chirping everywhere. The perfect place to leave your everyday life behind you. There will be one single room and several double and triple rooms available for your accomodation.

For more information you can check the homepage of the house:


We will provide for you ecological and vegan food made with a lot of love so your body and spirits will be well nourished the whole time spent together.


Please make sure to arrive between 5 and 7pm on Wednesday, 21st of April 2021. We want to make sure to start together to make this a group experience. We will end the workshop on Sunday, 25th April 2021 around 1pm, so you will have enough time to travel back home and reenter your 'normal life'.


This workshop will be held in English. If you have problems with speaking English, we are there to help. Alex' native tongue is German and Florencia speaks German very well, too, so this should not be a burden that cannot be surpassed. Contact us for any doubts.


(including the whole workshop, a lent handpan during the workshop, food, non alcoholic drinks, accomodation; all cost per person)

Camper/tent: 650€ ; triple bedroom: 650€ ; double bedroom: 750€ ; single bedroom: 850€ 

Our goal is to provide a high quality in everything that we do and provide for you. We know that financial means can vary a lot. If you have money issues and still want to participate, please write us a message and we can work out a solution together.


Please fill out the form below or write a message to:
Make sure to give us the following info:
- name and billing address
- phone number
- do you have a handpan? if yes, what scale?
- where do you travel from?
- single/double/triple bedroom? 


Your registration is complete after filling out the form below AND making a bank transfer of the amount due to:
Alexander Mercks
Subject: your full name + FluentBodyHandpan Retreat 2021

We know that plans can change. If they do, please tell us the earliest possible. If you cancel less than two weeks before the workshop, we will take the liberty of keeping 50% of your participation fee. If we find a replacement participant, you will receive the full amount back.

If - due to Covid19 regulations - the workshop cannot take place, we will make sure to find an alternative date and postpone the workshop into the future. 

For any doubts and suggetions, don't hesitate to drop us a mail. We are here to help! :)

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