Belfast, UK

Oh Yeah Music Center, 15-21 Gordon St, Belfast, UK

For the past 8 years, Alex and Malte, together Yatao, have made it their mission to spread the soothing and animating sounds of the handpan. With millions of streams and hundreds of thousands of online fans, the world music duo is one of the most well-known of its genre, and for a good reason: their live performances not only inspire with the selection of exotic instruments, but above all with their virtuoso and soulful playing. While the handpan is the center of their music, didgeridoo, vocals and percussion offer a refreshing variety in their sound. The two guys from Berlin authentically embody a reflective attitude towards life and make every evening unique with their approachable stage presence. Look forward to high-quality music, played by two friends who are so grateful to finally be able to do what they love so much again: Touching people’s souls through music.

Tickets: 20€ advance booking; 25€ box office